Mosaic pavement features, Anstey Parish Council

Public art commissioned by Anstey Parish Council. A series of 3 pavement mosaics installed in Longclose park, Anstey. Taking inspiration from the park area we decided to follow the themes of an apple branch and acorn branch for 2 of the paving slabs.  The idea of a third mosaic in the design of a fox was suggested by the public during a consultation and workshop. Each slab measures 60cm x 90cm and frame the path leading through the park area.

I follow the Italian method of creating mosaic pavements where the design is made in reverse on brown paper and then transferred over to a paving slab.  This helps achieve a smooth, flat surface.

“Anstey Parish Council have commissioned four pieces of artwork from Julie. Julie was keen to visit the location, research the area and produced some stunning art works for us.  We have been very impressed with the finished products and would recommend Julie to anyone looking for the personal approach to public art”

Liz Hawkes Anstey Parish Council